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Why worry about the cost of fixing your home? Is the high cost of fixing your home holding you back? Working with contractors is too time-consuming?

We promise to work with you, when it comes to your property with honor and integrity. No matter the circumstance Liberty will make an offer for your property. We pay all normal closing costs, and make the sale of your property effortless and easier than ever before.

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Our property Buying Specialists are dedicated to an easy and simplified buying process that makes the sale fast and easy. We value our time, so we know you value yours — that’s why we focus on solutions to your situation**. No repairs necessary, no realtor needed, and zero waste of time.

** Provide moving help, offer lease-back, and provide funds to the seller before closing

We are good, at what we do

At Liberty Capital Investments we make the entire process as easy as possible, giving you peace of mind knowing your house is sold. We are flexible, and we consider ourselves problem solvers. One of our expert home buyers will contact you and set up an appointment.

We meet with you to understand your situation and we cater a program that fits your needs. You don’t have to spend a dime to fix up your house. You don’t even have to clean it up. We pay cash for your house, as-is. You determine all the details of the closing (when, where, and how) and we deliver. It’s just that simple.

Liberty Capital pays cash, so there is no waiting for mortgage approvals. After a property analysis is completed, we can make a cash offer. This typically gives us the ability to close, and put cash in your hands, much more quickly. Get cash for the house fast and when you need it!

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The Liberty Promise

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*Situtation varies not all properties can be closed on by Liberty Capital Investments